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Gravity on the Minkowski spacetime

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    Would someone please provide me with some papers or sources about the tensor gravitation theories on the Minkowski spacetime? They are field theories wherein the matter is supposed to not affect the geometry of spacetime and thus leaving the background spacetime unchangend with respect to the interactions of matter!

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Altabeh,

    the most recent one I've got is attached. There are references within. Work in this area is discouraging because one always ends up with the same field equations as GR. Some people think there is no difference in the predictions made by field theory gravity and GR, but some disagree.

    For the casual reader here is a quote from the introduction


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    This was very helpful, though I'm not so fond of such theories because it can never be something possible physically, but since they lead to the results of GR one can think they provide a good and simpler framework for the mathematics of GR!

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