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Green power project - little hydrogen cruiser

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    I bought this stand up scooter for $850. It's made by a company called http://goped.com" [Broken]. It can go upto 20mph and I weigh 142lbs. But the problem is, as with all electric scooters is they get low range. Mine get's about 10 miles and it runs on stock SLA batteries packs.

    Picture: http://www.neoscooters.com/prodimages/goped-ESRExbig.jpg

    I would like to go 40-45mph with plenty of torque. I already have a gas one that can do this but is too loud so I stopped riding is for my neighbors sake o:)

    I would like to use Hydrogen fuel cells but how long would a liter tank of hydrogen last with a 2000W motor (my current one is 1100watts)?

    How many fuel cells would I need? I wan't as much range as possible while still fitting the fuel cells in the 24"x12"x2" battery compartment.

    Also can anybody suggest a motor?
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    Batteries are not perfect and a battery's energy storage is almost always proportional to its size. Don't expect a battery to output more power for a longer distance and take up the same space.
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    Well I said fuel cell should fit in the battery compartment but hydrogen tank may be about a liter and can be mounted separately somewhere.

    Sorry about the confusion.

    Mybe I can get a high pressure tank for it and stuff it at about 5,000psi but would it be safe :surprised
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    No one's gonna help me? :frown:
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    I can't help you because I know next to nothing about it. It does seem to me, though, that it might not be worth the effort and expense.
    Can't you just put a muffler on your gas machine and save the electric one for a grocery-getter or inner-city travel?
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    Try contacting a supplier of fuel cells. They will know the details you are after.
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