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Greetings, physics forums

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    Hello people of these forums.
    I am a 16-year-old middle school student from the Netherlands, I do bilingual classes and my favourite subjects are physics, chemistry and Maths D (the last one being the class I also tend to have the most trouble with). I am completely infatuated with particle physics and quantum mechanics, and would like to become a researcher of the latter after getting the proper qualifications. I am not sure which bachelor/master would work best for me if I want to head down the road of quantum mechanics, but I was thinking of something like applied physics. I like to dream big and I like gathering information outside of classes on mainly quantum mechanics and recent scientific developments. My other hobbies include learning Japanese, writing poetry, and I'm thinking of buying some Arduino kits when I get the money (I used to write code). I also love music, and listen to just about every genre, my favourite being symphonic/gothic metal and my least favourite being rap.

    I hope I can meet some nice people, maybe get some questions answered and maybe even answer some questions myself.
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    Welcome to PF.
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