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Growing Liverworts

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    Like mosses, can liverworts be introduced into a new area by being blended up in a slurry with buttermilk and poured at the location? I figure this would be the case, since like mosses they're bryophytes and should survive the mastication, but wanted to check before I potentially waste perfectly good plants.
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    jim mcnamara

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    I dunno about buttermilk. But. Thallose liverworts have small cup like structures on the leaf - gemmae. In those cups are spores, the main way these guys reproduce and why they can take over an area and become a problem quickly. Like a greenhouse, for example.

    Anyway, cut off parts of the plant with gemmae, slosh them around in a small jar of water, and pour the water + spores out onto a proper substrate or soil.
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