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Guess Who's Back ?

  1. Apr 21, 2003 #1
    Hello Folcks !
    How Are you all ? It's been a long time since I was able to open PF .
    There is a problem in my proxy settings , that prevented me from entering PF , but thank God It'll get solved soon.
    I'm connecting from an internet cafe, So , I don't have enough time to surft PF as much as I Can , But Be sure I'll be back.

    I'll try my best to come sooner .. Wait for me !
    Bye for now
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  3. Apr 21, 2003 #2
    Welcome back. Nothing has changed except the war.
  4. Apr 21, 2003 #3
    Hi Zargawee....exactly...nothing has changed...not even your avatar...
  5. Apr 21, 2003 #4


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    Hi Zargawee...
  6. Apr 21, 2003 #5
    hello. :smile:

    how goes things in Jordan?
  7. Apr 21, 2003 #6
    Isn't the funniest guy of PF2, MSI, not here yet....
  8. Apr 22, 2003 #7
    MSI rejoined early on, but he has only posted once, as of date, in PF 3.0.
  9. Apr 24, 2003 #8
    Thanks All For Welcoming me Back

    Thanks All.

    My Avatar might get changed soon ... I'm thinking of making another way of kicking .. LoL

    Everything Is Good and normal is Jordan , Thanks for asking , what about USA ?
  10. Apr 24, 2003 #9
    well things are not bad here for most people by any means, but far from normal either and i don't rightly care for the direction they have been heading; but i think things are turning around now and i don't see it likely that they will be passing any more laws against freedom or launching another preemptive strike any time soon, at least i hope not.
  11. Apr 30, 2003 #10
    Am starting to get back into PF again as well.

    PF 3 put me off for a bit for some reason.
  12. Apr 30, 2003 #11
    Hello Zargawee,
    It is always nice to see a familiar 'name' at PF. I'm looking forward to seeing that new avatar you mentioned.
  13. Apr 30, 2003 #12


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    well i am here and have 1 post ... just posting in general discusion

    the reason :
    i found PF2 better than PF3 ... don't know why ?!!
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