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Had to quit my masters last year,but want to finish it now

  1. Oct 26, 2012 #1
    How to finish a partially completed degree?

    Hi!My case is a very strange case.I was pursuing a masters in automotive engineering in Germany and after completing 2 years of course-work and many other certifications,I fell ill and had to return back home for treatment.Now,after 9 months of treatment,I am back on my feet and aiming to finish-off that 20% of my masters degree.

    How can I go about using those acquired (European)credits and finish my masters in some other university?

    Also,can someone give me an insight into 'credit waivers' in universities?country-wise would be very helpful.

    1.My chances of getting back to the same university in Germany is proving very difficult. I've been ex-matriculated from the list.

    2.I am giving GRE general this month to try my luck in US universities.

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    Vanadium 50

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    Re: had to quit my masters last year,but want to finish it now!!

    Most programs require you to do the majority of your degree at their institution. You can't transfer in the majority of the degree from elsewhere. This is because they want to ensure that a degree from University ABC is in fact a degree from University ABC.

    If you're trying to get rules waived, there will be an uphill battle, as every institution will be thinking "if his (or her) own university won't grant him a break, why should we?"
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