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Handicapped pendulum assignment

  1. Jan 5, 2013 #1
    "Handicapped" pendulum assignment

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with an assignment about a "handicapped" pendulum (you gotta love the professor's taste for scientific terminology). By "handicapped", it is meant that the pendulum is attached to a stationary point, limiting the pendulum's swinging movement. The assignment is about researching the relation between the height of the stationary point and the period of the pendulum.

    It's overall a very easy assignment, but I have two problems with it:
    1) I need to prove that T(T stands for period) - 0.5T0 = ∏√((l-h)/(g)), with T0 being Huygens' law = 2∏√(l/g). I don't know how I should make a formula for T, seeing as my only resource is some measurement data, namely:

    displacement from equilibrium position: 20 cm
    length: 97 cm
    √(l-h) ---- Period
    8.8 1.88
    8.2 1.85
    7.5 1.76
    6.9 1.69
    6.1 1.61
    5.2 1.54

    2) I also have a T', which is the period of a pendulum with a similar stationary point, but this time, it's 5 cm horizontally away from the vertical line of the pendulum. The following measurements were made:

    displacement from equilibrium position: 20 cm
    length: 97 cm
    √(l-h) ----- Period
    8.2 1.95
    7.5 1.89
    7.0 1.81
    6.1 1.74
    5.2 1.64

    These square roots were calculated with h [itex]\in[/itex] [30;70]. I now have to predict the function's behaviour between h = 0 and h = 30.

    Anyone with any ideas as to how to solve one or both of these problems, I would be very thankful to hear them.
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    Re: "Handicapped" pendulum assignment

    To clarify the height that is meant by h, please check the image:

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37807450/Schermafbeelding%202013-01-05%20om%2018.27.26.png [Broken]
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    Re: "Handicapped" pendulum assignment

    The plot should be a straight line, right? So plot the data and compute the R value, slope, etc.
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    Re: "Handicapped" pendulum assignment

    Thank you very much!
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