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Has anyone been able to install TALYS?

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    I've been struggling for the past day to install TALYS (talys.eu) (http://www.talys.eu/fileadmin/talys/user/docs/talys1.8.pdf), a nuclear reaction simulator.

    Despite attempting their instructions over a dozen times now (both through their setup script and the manual option), each time on a fresh install, the test cases you are supposed to verify never run and always ask me to fix a pathway in the fortran code to direct machines.f to the nuclear structures folder (which I have tried and have gotten nowhere).

    I was wondering if anyone else had actually successfully run this software and could let me know how they did it. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04LTS right now.

    Thanks for any and all assistance.
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    Make sure the platform is compatible. Obviously people have downloaded the system and installed it.


    I haven't used it, but I have used complicated software that required bash vs tcsh, and there was a particular order in which software and utilities had to be installed. Is the compiler correct?

    Maybe contact the developers regarding use of Ubuntu.
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