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Having a Big Head (physically)

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    Hi guys. Right now I'm 14 years old. All my friends say I have a big head, and quite frankly I do (I'm referring to physical size not actual having a big ego). I'm really tall for my age too, I'm 6'3. I was wondering if it's natural for people to have a big head an grow out of it. When I was young I did not have a big head. Also nobody else in my family has a big head. My head seems to be pretty much the same size as my father's who is taller than me. I'm supposed to be taller than him. I also notice a lot of other tall people in my age have a big head. Basically what I'm asking is when I get older, is it possible I'm going to grow into my head? Thanks for helping.
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    Hi Xpwnage, welcome to PF!

    You aren't finished growing yet, as you said. So it will help a bit as you get taller.

    Building up your arms and shoulders might help too, but kids tend to be rather skinny as they go through adolescence. Many of my brothers tried and tried to build up their muscles, but really couldn't do it until they were in their 20s.
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    Thanks for the reply Lisab,

    Although I am skinny, I'm also actually strong, very strong actually, at the risk of sounding conceited. My body type is very ectomorph. The doctor said I'm looking at about being 6'5 or 6'6 so hopefully that will help. Is it common for people to have bigger heads during adolescence?
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    My son has a big head, but it looks just great on him now. He is 6'3", 170 lbs. , and generally has big bones all the way around.
    When he was younger, I use to tell him, your gonna look great when you grow into your head.
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