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Heat capacity as a function of T under 298 K for metals

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    The heat capacity equation Cp for copper as a function of temperature (Shomate equation) for the solid phase is defined for the range of 298-1358 K in the Nist Webbook and in many books.


    And I need to calculate the heat needed to raise temperature from 283.15 to 373.15 K. Are there another coefficients for a broader range (maybe from 273 K to 1358 K) or how could I calculate that accurately?
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    A formula that works from 298 K to 1358 K (a range of more than 1000 K) won't be completely wrong just 16 K below that.
    If you are worried about the 15 K extrapolation (with an error of the order of 0.1%), you should be even more worried about the lack of uncertainties in the reference. And what about impurities in your copper?

    If you look at the actual data source, the formula seems to be some fit to the tabulated values in 100 K intervals. Don't expect too precise results anyway. There is also a value for 200 K, you can compare the interpolation formula at this point, or make your own fit to a different data range.
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