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Heatabsorbing material from NASA

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum and am actually just curious to hear if you can help me with something?
    The reason I joined this forum is because I am interested in finding out about being able to get some of that material, which NASA uses for its space shuttles...the heat-absorbing material...because...I am thinking of creating a product that needs this stuff...
    Perhaps you can assist me in asking the right people on this forum or how else to go about finding out whether it is possible to acquire some of this material or not? I heard a while back from a friend of mine that it is actually possible, but I dont know for sure.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

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    I'm not sure what material you are talking about, but you may be under a misconception about the heat shield. The heat shield isn't an absorber, it is an insulator: an extremely poor conductor of heat. The purpose is to prevent heat from being absorbed and transferred to the spacecraft.
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    Try googling aerogel; not sure if they still use it but they certainly looked at it a lot. There are some pretty good photos demonstrating its insulatory performance.
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    Hello guys,

    Yes..yes...yes...of course its an insulator...thats what I meant. I need to find some material that is able to keep heat (and for that matter moisture) out....To be honest with you...I was thinking about using it for some REALLY old bottles of wine for a family member in another part of the world. I know there are other ways of shipping bottles of wine, etc., but I cannot risk these bottles changing temperature at all during their shipment/flight....because as you know...temperature has a LOT to do with how a wine is...and taste...etc.

    As you can tell...am not the biggest techie in this realm...so I appreciate your patience.

    So...if its an insulator I am looking for...for what I have in mind...(bottles of wine...then where do I start looking? Because...as I posted in my first thread...a friend of mine told me that he was able to get a sample roll from NASA itself....hmmmm
    But..if I am to contact NASA and other companies...I want to know what I am talking about...so..any ideas for me?

    Thanks a lot,
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    There are plenty of high temperature, ceramic based insulators out there that should do what you need and would not need you to talk to someone at NASA.

    For example, Google search on Zircar refractory composites.
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    Timmay and FredGarvin,

    Thanks for your posts....you got any other links/ideas for me in terms of where to get a hold of insulating material that I can use for wine bottles? Any parts of the world where it may be cheaper than other areas?
    Is there any material that is better than another...and why?

    Since I am not a techie in this matter...perhaps you can help me in terms of what to look for when contacting different firms...i.e...what to ask them...etc.?

    And: you got any ideas in terms of price...and how much you get for what price?

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