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Heating/freezing blankets

  1. Sep 11, 2013 #1
    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and first of all would like to say Hello to all of you.

    I'm an R&D Engineer ( not long since I've graduated ) and I share a great interest in engineering therefore will be following the forum at regular basis.

    Today I write to you with a problem I need to solve.

    I need to test a relatively small item (2m length by 1m width by 1m height) however the testing needs to be done at different temperatures. The first one would be roughly -50deg C, second at ambient temperature and third at +220deg C. Now previously we have used heating fans for the heat test and liquid nitrogen for the freeze tests (all this wrapped up in a steel box with insulation).

    My question is: what would you recommend to improve my tests, I've looked into heating blankets and industrial refrigerators however is there a device that would do both?

    Are there heating/freezing blankets available or perhaps refrigerators that allow both positive and negative temperatures?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We use the test chambers from Sun Electronics in our R&D Lab:


    We use the Liquid CO2 models to be able to support -10C/minute temperature ramps (we use +/-10C/minute temperature ramps in our product reliability testing). Our oven top out at 175C failsafe switches, though. But you might be able to get some models to go up to +220C (wow, that's hot!). :smile:
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    Hi Berkeman, Thanks for your quick reply,

    I will have a look through their website. I've spend good few hours looking for ways of freezing and heating things up and as much as heating is relatively easy, freezing brings many problems. Most likely we will need to get one of the fridges (as large as possible) and modify it.
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