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I Heep neutrinos?

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    Sun produces neutrinos by sundry reactions:
    p+p→d+e+e - called "pp"
    p+p+e→d+νe - called "pep"
    3He+p→α+e+e - called "hep"
    3He+p+e→α+νe - never mentioned. What should it be called? "Heep"?
    Now, heep neutrinos should form a sharp line at a quite high energy.
    What is the intensity of heep line?
    What is the branching ratio between pp and pep reactions?
    What should be the branching ratio between hep and heep reactions?
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    It is not a branching ratio because it is not a decay. It depends on the star. As usual, Wikipedia has an article about it.
    I would expect "heep" to be completely negligible, even hep has a tiny reaction rate.
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