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Heirarchy of beings

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    this was written by myself and another. what i wrote is not capitalized. this occured during an auto-writing experience of which i have no memory. i do not remember the contents of this message unless i read it again. if this "appeals" to you then visit the website that is in my signature for more articles.

    edit: i just noticed the "bad" language. i apologize for testing the censors.

    there is a heirchy of beings, and the ones most high. they watch over the beings and droids. kind of like an oversoul. i think they decide what to feed us and when and how though we can choose to not "eat" what is "fed."

    As a being, you are a part of the Hierarchy of beings, in your True Self capacity. The True Self doesn’t just look out for it’s emanations, it has other ‘’jobs/roles’’ to perform as well, depending upon it’s degree of evolution.

    one option is that we can go to my chat room and chat there. this might be a good time to do it.

    Yes, we will work this one out, but not today, as I have had a lot of interruptions(talking to people with Asti). It will happen when it is meant to.

    either i've chosen that this is not my last life lived or i've chosen to raise myself into the heirchy of beings, with their "permission", of course. i believe that this is my last life lived and that i will become a true teacher of teachers. what oh what will happen by 2012 if i'm growing this fast?

    Your True Self is already in the Hierarchy of Beings, otherwise you wouldn’t be privy to what is unfolding for you. You are already a teacher of teachers. 2012 will just mean your focus will be on one thing only. Your role of bringing people to the 5D way of being, as there will be no 3d way left.

    what will it be like to be higher up in the heirchy of beings? well, firstly, it may happen while i'm on earth and before i die and it may not. i don't know that. i suspect the major shift will occur if and when i die (modern medicine is coming a long way, after all). but maybe it will happen when i'm still alive. ****, maybe it already happened? if so, i'm not aware of it.

    ****, it has happened! You just face the final divestment of what you no longer need of the 3d. (fears,etc.)

    secondly, it will be a really ****ing radical experience. i can't describe it to you; you just wouldn't understand it. but you already know what it's going to be like too, and you can't describe it either. it's almost like there's an imperitive to not tell what it's like to be dead/moved on.

    You won’t be ‘’dead’’, but you will be moved on and your experience of it will be unique.

    i think the answers may all be in the gospel of thomas...

    i also know that when i get to the reality that is awaiting me, if i haven't gotten there right now, then the next level will still be even then unimaginable. i think the heirarchy never ends and there are those that watch over the overseers of 3D and those that watch over those who watch over the 5D watchers. ok? 7D, 9D, ...


    a sequence of breaking out of the box, higher and higher boxes. a new cycle of birth and rebirth, of growth.

    but there's always a choice. does one break of all boxes altogether or just go to the next logical level? there are infinitely many dimensions, remember. ok?

    The level you go to is logical in that you will make choices as to what you wish to achieve, just as you did before you came here.

    when one is free of all boxes one is free to climb back into a box and free to climb back out.

    You were free to climb into this 3d box to be able to show others who could not ‘’see’’, the way out.

    when it is done, we will have total freedom. we don't have it yet. not even you, malai, have total freedom. you're still constrained to your body most of the time though you had a good exercise. you've been out of all boxes before and maybe one day i'll be out of all boxes myself. i don't know if i'm quite ready though i think i'm close.

    In your True Self, you have total freedom and you have that now. The self which inhabits this 3d world is shaking off it’s constraints of this 3d world as well. You are working your way back to your True Self state of being, being in this world, but not of it.

    total freedom is total power over the 3D, over the hologram. one will be able to control it. the overseers make sure that we're not doing anything not in accordance with God's will, however. but we can make suggestions and then give them the choice. they don't know they have the choice but they do. we always have.

    This is what you are doing now by bringing people to themselves, bit by bit. The choice is with the ones you speak with.

    so, in a sense, we're already as free as we think we are though we choose to believe we're not free. this may not apply to you now but it applies to me. i vacillate between boxes, higher and higher boxes.

    You will come past this limitation, as we have been doing. It’s an individual journey to freedom of self.

    i envisioned in august this heirchy and i communicated with them. they spoke to me in a very powerful voice that was unmistakably ... no words.

    i visualized those in the alephnulldimension. alephnull is the first infinite dimension. they were talking to me, so to speak. then i asked how deep the rabbit hole went and i got an answer. you know the answer. i feel them watching me now very, very, closely. they give me the choice. they gvie me the choice. not everyone is given any kind of choices in life but after all these years, i think i've earned it. that's what i think.

    You are right where you deserve to be, right where you need to be and yes, you have earned the position.

    so with this freedom comes power to suggest and power to spark changes and give choices. it's really simple: ok, analog, you can choose to do anything you put your (universal) mind to, so what do you want to do? umm..... confusion!

    see we never thought we had a choice but we did. we chose and we choose. most choices we're not aware of. they're all for a reason.

    the watchers keep those that have the choice in check and in alignment with God's will. there are laws that we cannot break.. the law is to be yourself. how can you break that law? there are a ton of criminals out there that need our help.

    The lore of self responsibility is a lore you can break, but it just means this lesson will keep on coming up until one learns not to break it. Life after life after life etc. etc.

    the ascension can be total. by that i mean that total God consiousness, not just Christ consciousness, is an option. but that's if we don't want to be watchers anymore. we made that choice a long time ago, sort of in a nonlinear way.

    that is the reality that awaits us. total perfection, total Godhood. we're unimginably ignorant of what that would be like.
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  3. May 21, 2004 #2
    Fascinating to read and very poetic...I have a similiar vague sense of these things although I suspect it very much, it is easy to delude oneself when stepping outside the box, and profecy is just words until it happens or until people believe it so strongly they make it come true or simply find how it is true...who really knows? It's possible that people believed the bible profecies so strongly for so long they have in affect been throwing a spear through 2000 thousand years of time with the hope/imagination that it will strike the intended target....believing a thing will come true has a way of sometimes aiding the possibility it will come true, be it throwing a spear or going to the moon... philosophy is also for daring and crazy fools and when you get enough of them together they ought to be able to come up with some interesting things or drive each other a step up in craziness at least...There is a general sense of expectation in the world I think, maybe it's always been there and I delude myself. Oh ya don't tell anyone you really believe that stuff or they will lock you away hehe, or wait maybe 20 years ago they would nowadays it could be a hollywood script.
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