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Heisenberg's Uncertainties, question

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    I'm so confused of the Heisenberg's Uncertainties...

    Here's a question i have to solve, although it looks very easy but my understanding of Heisenberg's Uncertainties is still shallow.

    Fuzzy a quantum mechanical duck lives in a world which h = 2 PI Js. Fuzzy has a mass of 2.0 kg and initially is known to be within a pond of 1m wide.
    - The minimum uncertainty in his speed?
    - Assuming the uncertainty in speed prevails for 5.0s, determine uncertainy in position after that time.

    This is my attempt to solve the first one:
    Of course I have to apply Heisenberg's Uncertainties here.
    m x (uncertainties in speed) x (uncertainties in location) => h/4PI
    the mass is 2.0kg, but the uncertainty in location, is it half of the width or it's the width??
    I'm still not good in determining the uncertainties.
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    i think it should be half the width. because the uncertainty can be positive and negative. Let's say a particle is observed to be at 0, the uncertainty is 1 unit, so the particle should be within [-1,1] (width 2 units)
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