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Hello all

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    I'm 78 year old pensioner form Australia. After a life time of work I'm now retired and can spend my time following the subjects that are of real interest to me. ( when my wife doesn't think the lawn needs cutting or the windows need a wash!) At the moment I'm taking a night school course in Mathematics, Algebra really interests me, but can see that this will develop into a more general appreciation of Maths. Also started doing astrophotography. I'm also very interested in astrophysics, can't understand most of it but still fascinated.
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    Welcome to PF

    Checkout MathIsPower4u.com for a collection of math videos from Algebra to Calc i,ii,iii Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. This should keep you busy until the lawn needs mowing again.
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    Thanks, that is a very interesting site
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