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Hello from a jack of all trades

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    Thought I'd formally introduce myself...

    First and foremost, I'm a farmer with a bunch of cows, the better part of them are pets.
    I've always been very mechanically inclined, I love figuring out the why and how of something works, because if I can understand that, I am better prepared to fixing it when it doesn't work.
    As my name would suggest, I have experience with Wankel rotaries.. I owned over a dozen rotary powered cars and loved them, but since I moved back to the farm, I don't do much with them anymore... I now have a old 12V Cummins diesel Dodge that I built a new engine for, completely restored, and put a variable vane turbo from a much newer truck on.. so it needed a lot of electronics to go with it... and LOTS of programming. So I have a little experience in C (Arduino controls the turbo over CAN bus), and for Windows my experience is mostly in VB.net. I live in a small town with a few mechanical shops... I'm the guy they call when they can't figure something out.

    In a previous life, I was a packaging equipment technician.. In other words, I built machines that make boxes.. my specialty was "tray formers".. Some you may recognize are the trays that hold tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers at Costco, etc, but I built some that had 'cultured stone', or essentially bricks in a banana box.. I tested them, and an empty box filled with steel was 300 lbs, I put 2 of those on an empty box, and stood on top it.. very very strong! At this job I traveled all over North America and saw many placed I'd never otherwise see... At the shop I did assembly, drafting, machining, welding, and design, since the engineering department never got it quite right (Cardboard (technically called corrugate) is an imperfect material and not very predictable), I also did a lot of PLC programming and the machines were all controlled by 3ph inverter drives and pneumatics.

    For my formal education, I was an ace student in high school, thought I wanted to become a veterinarian, but lost focus and my GPA tanked, I ended up with a good collection of 1st and 2nd year science courses, which I've forgotten a lot of (it was 20 years ago), but still remember the broad strokes and use them surprisingly often in theory, though I forget how to do the details.. Calculus is a good example, Maximizing or minimizing, limits, etc I can use in theory, though I forget the derivations for the different types of functions.

    There's me in a nutshell!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    very detailed introduction, welcome on the forum
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    Thanks.. I was on a few other forums for a long time.. they've gotten boring... This place looks like a nice place to exercise my mind a little :)
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