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Hello I am new here and have a question

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    My name is Mark, a non-traditional undergraduate student at Okstate. It's a pleasure to finally join this forum!

    My question is: where may I post "personal theories"? I thought maybe under "Beyond the standard model" but the rules specifically say no personal theories, but it doesn't say where to go for that.

    Thank you!
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    Hello Mark and welcome to PF,

    You may not post personal theories anywhere on this forum. Not even in "Beyond the standard model". If your interested in getting your personal theory checked, there are other sites than this that can help you with this.
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    What is puzzling here is that this policy is clearly described in the PF Rules that you had agreed to upon joining this forum. So you look like some who walks into a vegetarian restaurant and then complain that there is no meat being served. It makes you look rather silly, not us.

    Secondly, every single complain that you have made have been addressed in this thread, message no. 8


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    Very few people read the rules.. When I install a program on my computer, I don't read the TOA as well.

    In your methaphor, it's more like: "you look like someone who walks into a restaurant (not knowing that it's a vegetarian restaurant) and then ask where one can eat meat". I don't think what he did was much of a complain.

    To OP: No personal theories are allowed on PF. That is to avoid crackpotts, which there are way too many on in the internet. If you really think your "personal theorie" is well explained, than go to your college and talk to a math/physics professor.
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    I hae noticed that many people who start threads on these kind of topics know very very well what the rules say! Our OP here, for example, was very aware of the rules but just wanted to start a fight.

    But fair enough, the metaphor might not be complete. Here's a better one that fits most cases:
    "Somebody walks into a restaurant (not knowing it's a vegetarian restaurant) and asks where one can eat meat. The owners of the restaurant tell him it's a vegetarian restaurant. The costumer demands to eat meat anyway and starts insulting everybody. He then grabs a steak and starts eating it in the restaurant. The restaurant owners kick him out, and the costumer soon comes back with a fake moustache and proceeds doing the same things."
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