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Hello, I'm New Here.

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    I am a father of three children (2 b, 1 g). My family and I grew up in and live in Michigan. I am an attorney, and my wife is a pediatric nurse. Despite standardized test results that suggest that I was and am quite intelligent, I essentially stopped trying in school in about third or fourth grade. As a result, I was a perennial underachiever in middle school and in high school, and during my first few years of college. While I undoubtedly possessed the capacity to learn things like calculus and trigonometry, I never progressed past geometry in high school.

    Despite things "coming hard" to him in school, my oldest son (11) has and has always had a keen interest in anything related to space. His curiosity and desire to understand things like black holes and time travel, and my desire to teach him and converse with him about such things, have led me to begin trying to understand physics on all scales. I have looked up information in these and other physics-focused forums, and I have recently added this Website as a "home page."

    My hope is that I'm able to learn enough to allow me to teach my son by posing questions to those infinitely more knowledgeable than either of us. In time, I hope that I (and eventually my son and my other children) can meaningfully contribute to the online physics community.
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    Welcome to PF! Great to have you!
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