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Hello World Java issue!

  1. Oct 25, 2011 #1
    "Hello World" Java issue!

    I've been following Stanford's on line lecture series Programming Methodology and have run into an issue while trying my first Hello World program.

    I'm using the Eclipse editor and have attached the acm JAR library. When I try to run the file, I get an error that says my program is referencing a non-existent Karel, where Karel was a previous project that I deleted.

    My code is correct as I've followed exactly what has been taught, and what's in the text book. Has anyone any idea what's wrong? I was sure I deleted the old project, so I've no idea how the program says I'm referencing it, which I am not in my source code!

    Is this a common issue?

    Help!! Cheers guys!
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    Re: "Hello World" Java issue!

    I was helping some people out with C++ and for some reason their program won't compile for some reason my prof or I could figure out. It definitely wasn't the code. So I had him start a completely new project and paste the code there. Try creating a new project and compile and debug again and see if it works.
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