What is Hello world: Definition and 14 Discussions

A "Hello, World!" program generally is a computer program that outputs or displays the message "Hello, World!". Such a program is very simple in most programming languages, and is often used to illustrate the basic syntax of a programming language. It is often the first program written by people learning to code. It can also be used as a sanity test to make sure that a computer language is correctly installed, and that the operator understands how to use it.

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  1. R

    Unexpected error while running hello world code on vs studio

    Homework Statement : [/B]Write a C program to print hello world 2. The attempt at a solution: I am completely new to programming. I am learning C at present. In my college, we use linux. Since my pc has windows installed so I am using cygwin terminal to use linux commands from windows. I am...
  2. T

    What are some practical applications of physics in solving real-world problems?

    I am not trained in physics but I have real world issues to solve. I can seem a bit dense at times because I tend to ask a lot of questions, sometimes they seem to make no sense. I am applying physics to try to solve real world problems, I really hope not to be a bother and I don't ask...
  3. W

    Exploring the Complexities of Physics: An Undergrad's Journey

    I'm a undergrad aspiring physics student. The more I do physics, the more I get confused @_@. Hoping to find answers here!
  4. M

    What caused the need for a new member to replace Mpresic?

    Hi, I am replacing Mpresic.
  5. Vital

    What is the Function Relationship between X and Y?

    Hello! I have just joined this wonderful community. I do my best to learn math and other sciences on my own. Rather difficult thing to do, but I do hope to cope with this interesting task. I will be asking questions hoping to get help. :) Thank you! Best wishes!
  6. Tbonewillsone

    How do you do, fellow kids

    I'm currently doing some post-grad research into open quantum systems in the UK. I've got a strong background in particle physics, theoretical physics and a load of other things that involve wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey physical phenomena. Anyways, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!
  7. leighflix

    What are the connections between Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science?

    I saw this through google and thought it would be helpful to a high school student like me. I am learning Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science (Architecture atm). I hope i can find many answers to my questions here in the future. - Leigh
  8. artriant

    What is the best way to find information on less popular dynamics problems?

    Hey everybody i came by because i had to ask some experts, i`m especially interested in dynamics, googling is hard for some problems that are not so popular, hopefully some cool guys will solve some mysteries for me :D
  9. GiantSheeps

    What are the common problems faced in astronomy and how can they be solved?

    I'm a new member I love physics but there are just some problems that I can't figure out on my own :-( my true love is astronomy though. always has been, always will be
  10. Hexogen

    Ready to Expand Your Scientific Knowledge? Join PF for Help and More!

    Hello everybody! I came to PF for the homework help, will probably stay for everything else.
  11. S

    How Does Studying Applied Physics Impact Practical Applications?

    Hello World! :) Who studied Department of Applied Physics,Where you study? ^___^
  12. L

    Troubleshooting Code Blocks: 'Hello World' Won't Stay!

    I just began a course on computer science and we're to use Code Blocks as the program to use, but I can't get the darn thing to work. The built in simple program called "hello world" is supposed to have a black window pop up that says "hello world", but the window pops up and disappears and I...
  13. M

    Java What could be causing my Eclipse program to reference a non-existent Karel file?

    "Hello World" Java issue! I've been following Stanford's on line lecture series Programming Methodology and have run into an issue while trying my first Hello World program. I'm using the Eclipse editor and have attached the acm JAR library. When I try to run the file, I get an error that...
  14. madmike159

    Help with C "Hello World" - How to Stop It Closing?

    I started learning C not long ago. Like most people I started with "Hello World". I relised that it closes itself unless you tell it not to. I have this code #include <stdio.h> int main(char *argv[]) { printf("Hello World!\n"); getchar(); return 0; } It makes it close when you...