HELP! Calculate stress applied to slip direction

Hi All,
Im having some trouble in one of my classes and cant figure out how to do the following:

If a single crystal of an FCC metal yields with an applied load of 1MPa in the [1 -1 2] direction, at what stress would the same metal yield if the load were applied in the [0 1 4] direction. The problem can be solved by using (1 1 1) as the slip plane.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Im pretty sure this class is going to kill me.


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Hi akhanijow, welcome to PF. Do you know how to calculate the resolved stress on a certain plane due to a load on another plane? (This is sometimes called the Schmidt factor.)
Hi, He never really tought us that in class. He showed us:

(u1u2*v1v2*w1w) / [sqrt(((u1)^2+(v1)^2+(w1)^2) * ((u2)^2+(v2)^2+(w2)^2)


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What is your textbook? Please read the section on critical resolved shear stress (on a single crystal).

Henceforth, use the Homework & Coursework section of the forums (see my signature) for questions like this.

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