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Help finding EE/Electric Circuit books

  1. Apr 27, 2007 #1
    I'm not sure if this post is in the right thread.

    Well I've decided to change majors from Physics to EE, now I have gotten really interested in circuits but the only books that I can find at my library are the one by Hayt, and I'm currently reading Nilsson :s I've heard both of them aren't so good.

    So does anyone know of a good intro to electric circuit book? I know Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander & Sadiku is one of the best. But I can't find any solution manual for it. I want the solution manual because the at my college we will never be using that book, I believe Circuits I/II uses Hayt.

    I'd really appreciate any help finding a great book about circuits that I can keep as reference.

    Also if there are any other books every EE SHOULD have?
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    Hambley's Electrical Engineering: Principles and applications aren't too bad at all
    other Hambley's books in electronics are fairly good too.
  4. Apr 28, 2007 #3
    I just found the solution manual for Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander & Sadiku, for the 2nd edition.
    Just that it's a pdf and I think it's an illegally obtained copy of the teacher's Solution Manual.

    Also, would these books be ok for someone who has no background on circuits?
    Today I got a vague idea what a dependent/independent current/voltage source was :s
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  6. Apr 28, 2007 #5
    thanks for those online books, they seem really helpful, but I really want book so I can study away from a computer.
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    Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander & Sadiku is a fairly standard textbook for basic circuit theory. I also highly recommend The Art of Electronics by Horowitz & Hill, which covers practical circuit design in addition to circuit theory.
  9. Apr 28, 2007 #8
    Is AoE good for someone starting to learn circuits? I read some reviews it seems more like a review/reference book.

    I'm going to go to B&N tomorrow and see what editions of Fundamentals of Electric Circuits they have. As well as a book about PSPICE.
  10. Apr 28, 2007 #9
    no but thats just my opinion, you need a basic electronics book before hand as well as a circuits fundamentals book that deals with mostly rcl circuits.
  11. Apr 28, 2007 #10
    Woops sorry didn't read your post right, just woke up.

    Thanks for the help I'll stick to Alexander for now and get AoE once I think I understand Alexander fairly well.
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    bob: Don't worry about a solutions manual, just go ahead and download pspice, or use the software included in Alexander's cd to check your answers. I found the best way to study a book though, is getting other people interested in it and comparing your solutions with their's. Hope that helps.

    I own Alexander for circuit analysis, Schilling for electronic circuits and Wakerly for for digital circuits and design. I think you should give those a look, they're really helpful.
    If you can get your hands on REALLY REALLY old books, and if you get a kick from learning theoretical stuff, try to find "Tensor Analysis of Networks" by Gabriel Kron. You should be able to read it after finishing up with Alexander. I tell you though, its REALLY old and hard to find.
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  13. Apr 28, 2007 #12
    Thanks for the info, I just bought the 2nd edition brand new from Amazon.com
    I'll be sure to figure out how to use pspice when I get the book ^.^

    Tensor Analysis of Networks (General Electric Series) by Gabriel Kron (Hardcover - 1949)
    That one? I found 2 used copies on amazon.com 1 for 250ish another for 60ish :s

    Should I buy it? I can't find it on ebay/half.com o.o
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  14. May 2, 2007 #13
    Yep, that one. It teaches you tensor notation and then uses it to do some circuit analysis. It's not something you SHOULD know, merely a curiosity you might say. At those prices I wouldnt buy it, I found mine in a pawn shop for about 5 bucks :biggrin:
  15. May 2, 2007 #14
    Kwel thanks I'll buy it soon and be sure to read it following Alexander
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