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Help interpreting symbols of basic electric circuit

  1. Sep 14, 2014 #1
    Is asking for the voltage of a point in a wire (before/after a resister) the same as asking for the voltage across that resister? I understand voltage is relative..

    Here is the circuit:


    I can't wrap my head around what V1 represents. Other questions in this assignment specifically ask for the voltage across some element of the circuit. I just don't know how to interpret the notation of V1 as it is drawn in this circuit as I've never encountered it before.

    Any perspective on this would be appreciated.
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    Yes (at least I THINK that's what you are asking)
    It is standard to take the bottom horizontal wire in a circuit as ground, so V1 just means the voltage from the labeled node to ground, which is the voltage across R2 and R3
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    It's a badly worded question.

    Voltages are indeed relative so to answer the question you will need to make an assumption. A reasonable assumption would be to choose 0V, Ground or battery -ve as the reference as Phinds suggests. Your answer should state that

    "V1 is ?V w.r.t the battery -ve terminal"

    In this case it's straightforward but in future watch out for exam questions that have the battery with the -ve terminal at the top.
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