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Help making IR Transmitter and receiver

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    Hi everyone

    I am an amateur modeler and am very interested in physics and am trying to
    to make a model car/roadway that can move and be controlled by a computer.
    I have managed to placing a motor in the models, but have not found battery's which are small enough and can run it. So what i need Help with is this, I need some help and some advice on how to make the IR transmitters and receivers for the models, how to make the models work with a microprocessor and where i could get some and most of all how this can all go to a computer and be able to control the: speeds and lights on all cars and lorrys. Also any help with what motors that i should get that are very small and us little power.

    Thx in advance and any help greatly appreciated.

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    well you could probably take radio control systems, that would at least overcome all the encoding and decoding processes. Just replace the Rf transmitter and receiver with infra red TX and RX modules.
    But why use IR when RF will give better coverage with less drop out of signal ?

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    Hi davenn

    I am working in 1:87 scale on a model, so there arent meany RC Cars for this scale. IF can not be interfered with as much as radio signals, and as i intend to exhibit this model i don't want radio signals Stopping the show. I was planing on putting IR transmitters around the board to give overall coverage.

    Could you ma-by explain a bit more, i am a total amateur at electronics (i know a bit about circuits and stuff but need help with what components to get and such)

    Thx allot

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