Help me in QTF theory(t'Hoof's method)?

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Please help me this problem:
Considering dimensional regularization(t'Hoof method) to solve the infinite mass of photon and so that the violation of Ward identity problem,we restrict to consider one loop self energy of photon aproximation(in Schroder and Peskin's QTF book,7.5 chapter 7).I dont understand why reducing the 4 space-time dimensions to 2 dimensions( the dims of loop integral) then the order of divergence reduce from quadratic divergence(at 4 dims) to logarithmic divergence(at 2 dims).Because it seem to me by decreasing 1 dimension of integral,the divergence decreases by 1 order in power,so it would not be logarithmic divergence at 2 dimensions integral.
Thank you very much in advanced.

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I have just found out the answer in 10.1.2 in QTF book of Mandl&Shaw

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