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Help me to find values for this UJT circuit

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    guys i want to find values for R2 and R3 in following circuit diagram.is there any equation or method i can use to find this two values? (i was able to calculate R1 and C)

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    You want to find values for R2 and R3 such that what conditions are satisfied?
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    i'm trying to sesign a UJT oscilator to fire a triac so i can use it as a dimmer.there are no conditions given.
    and after finding R2 and R3 how to calculate peak voltage across R3?
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    Ah, sorry I must have misread it then. Can't help you out here, hopefully someone else will be able to.
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    ok thanks
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    I'm not up on UJTs. Why would that circuit oscillate? Where is the positive feedback?
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