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Medical Help needed please- PAIN

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    Hey guys I have a very painful problem I need suggestions with.

    About one year ago I had a really bad leg infection from a spider bite. I was put on IV antibiotics for a couple of weeks. This made me constipated. I remember going to the washroom and it felt like something cut me really badly. I looked down and there was a hell of alot of blood. I went to the doctors and he suggested it may be hemmeroids. I knew that wasnt the case. He set up a bunch of tests for me that I missed due to a very ignorant boss and a busy life. I know I need to get back. Anyways every single time I go #2 it hurts so badly and bleeds every single time...usually quite a bit of blood. The pain last for hours...it really really hurts. It makes me scared to go to the washroom.

    Any suggestions from you guys would be well appreciated :) Thanks
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    Easy question, simple answer: go see a doctor. We don't do online diagnosis and even if we did, there isn't anything we could do to fix it anyway!
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