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  1. May 15, 2010 #1
    HELP!!! OZI rule

    Can anyone give me an explanation of the OZI rule in particle physics which is a bit better than "if you can split a feynman diagram in two by cutting gluon lines then it is suppressed"
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    Re: HELP!!! OZI rule

    Looking at http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/TheOZIRuleInMesonDecay/" [Broken] it seems that if the decay particles contain the original quarks then it is prefered, ie if the original quarks have to annhilate then the decay is suppressed.
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    Re: HELP!!! OZI rule

    There is a nice qualitative justification in Griffiths's Introduction to Elementary Particles (section 2.5), which I quote below in case you don't have access to the text.

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