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Help plis .

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    help plis.....


    I study physics in chile. I am doing my thesis in "brane world and gauss bonnet term"...i studied randall sundrum 1 and 2 models, and some paper abaut the topic......My teacher of thesis does not help me....

    I need find a topic abaut this subject that has not been done....My teacher says that my thesis has to be something new....unfortunately, i don't know another teacher to change......

    Any suggestion here or a personal message, plis
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    Re: help plis.....

    Sounds like a pretty normal situation. Your thesis should be original, and you should come up with it on your own. It's a difficult road, but when you finish you'll be glad you went through the pain. There are plenty of references on brane worlds and Gauss-Bonnet gravity. Keep it up!
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