Help regarding application of solar in conv. electric ckt

  1. urgent help regarding application of solar in conv. electric ckt

    hi there engg/experts

    I am having a project of applying 5 Kw photovoltaic along with conventional electric supply.
    The photovoltaic panel would be able to run 35-40 fans and cfls.
    The problem which i am facing is to club both the supplies together on the the same circuit without making much changes in the original electric circuit so as to reduce the costing of this project.
    eagerly waitng for your reply...............
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    pavis1313, Welcome here to Physics Forums!

    A "5 KV photovoltaic" system seems unusually high. Did you really mean FIVE THOUSAND VOLTS? What exact voltage is the conventional electric supply you want to apply the PV system to? If you could post a block diagram of your system plan we could possibly make some suggestions. Please label all the blocks and all voltages on the diagram for clarity. Thank you.
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    he probbably meant to say 5kVA (5kW)

    lets wait and see ;)

  5. hi guys
    i am sorry for posting wrong requirement
    i have corrected it
    plz provide ur valuable guidance for this
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    pavis1313, thanks for the clarification: Your PV panel has a 5KW output capacity. What is the voltage and frequency of the "conventional electric supply"? What is the input voltage and power requirement of the fans? What are cfls and what voltage/power do they need?

    If the conventional electric supply is 50 or 60 Hertz AC (Alternating Current) you cannot connect the PV panel directly. The PV panel outputs DC (Direct Current). I can only guess because you've not given a basic block diagram. Probably you'll need an Inverter to convert the DC from the PV panel to AC. Without knowing your system setup or voltage/power requirements few other reasonable useful suggestions can be offered.
  7. thanks for your advice
    the voltage and frequency of conventonalsupply is 230V/50 Hz
    the fans are of 80 watt and the cfls are of 21 watt.
    I know that i would be usind an inverter and charge controller to convert dc generated from solar to ac.
    But my main question is whether there is and device or equipment that can make us use both the supplies together a kind of bidirectional device that works automatically and manages both the voltages.
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