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Help with designing horizontal framework for UDL

  1. Feb 26, 2015 #1

    For my engineering project for college I am designing a rotating table/steel frame structure for supporting a mild steel panel which weighs 180kg. My previous experience with UDL's has only been in using a 2D beam like situation to calculate how the load is spread, bending of the beam and reaction forces etc. For this project I need to figure out how the load will affect the frame and how many supporting braces I will require in the frame to comfortably deal with a 180-200kg mass. As the table/frame will rotate through 180deg, the structure will be connected to a support at each end via a 2+1/4" shaft so it is free to rotate.

    I am clearly a beginner at this! Can anyone please give me some advice on how I should go about making calculations to decide on my framework and support requirements. I can attach a sketch if it would help?

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    Can you send the sketch?
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    Hi tech99,

    Apologies for the delay in uploading. Any advice you can offer on design considerations or anything associated with this project would be greatly appreciated. I have since decided to use rectangular hollow section beams for the longitudinal/end pieces of the frame to minimise deflection of the beam when loaded. I have done some basic calculations for deflection of a singular simply supported beam but am unsure how this will change when I am considering a beam supported from the axel's at both ends?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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