What is Framework: Definition and 44 Discussions

A web framework (WF) or web application framework (WAF) is a software framework that is designed to support the development of web applications including web services, web resources, and web APIs. Web frameworks provide a standard way to build and deploy web applications on the World Wide Web. Web frameworks aim to automate the overhead associated with common activities performed in web development. For example, many web frameworks provide libraries for database access, templating frameworks, and session management, and they often promote code reuse. Although they often target development of dynamic web sites, they are also applicable to static websites.

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  1. G

    What mistake did I make in finding the reaction at hinge A?

    A very simple (I thought!) question: I'm just looking at the first part, finding the reaction at the hinge A. Here is my annotated diagram, with the reaction and A resolved into it's X and Y components, the force at E labelled as Fe and the length of ED labelled as L. Considering the body...
  2. G

    How to find the forces in a particular framework of light rods

    Could I please ask for help in how to do this question. Is it in fact well formed, can it be solved as it is or do I need more information? Q. Find the external forces and the force in each rod in the following framework of light rods which is supported and A and C: So, I need to find Fa...
  3. T

    Path-choice experiment in the framework of the MWI

    In a Mach-Zehnder interferometer the light arrives independent on the path at one the two detectors because of complete constructive resp. destructive interference at the final beam splitter. Is it possible to modify the device such that dependent on the path either detector A or Detector B will...
  4. A

    I Gamma in Brans-Dicke framework

    I take an empirical relation of Φ=Φ0(a/a0)n where n=-(dG/dt)/GH ,present study shows n is negative ,implies that G increases with time And using this fact and taking a scale factor of the form sinh(t) ,evaluated ϒ and then plot it with respect to t and got the above figure which is consistent...
  5. A

    Feynman Exercises 19-1: Metal rod framework being pulled in while spinning

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The moment of inertia before collapse is for each rod: BEFORE COLLAPSE:[/B] Ib = ∫(L2 + x2) dm = m/L ∫(L2 + x2) dx = 4/3 * m * L2 We have 8 of these plus the inertia of the mechanism, giving a total I, It = 8 * Ib + Ik =...
  6. M

    Framework Problem: Constructing Engine Mount for Airplane

    Hi! I'm currently doing a project where I'm constructing a framework for an engine mount connecting an airplane with an engine. The project involves both calculations by hand and with CAD(Creo), and i have no problem with the CAD part as i have done the simulations. The part with doing...
  7. M

    Approach for determining jerk in a mechanical system

    Hello all, I require your expertise on building an approach or a framework to identify and measure the jerk or vibration in a mechanical system with a slider. What I have is a slider (S) with a vertical link (L1) attached to it and another horizontal link (L2) attached at the tip of the link...
  8. lfqm

    What is the most general mathematical framework for quantum

    1.- The hilbert space approach does not include distributions (free particle, for example) nor mixed states. 2.- The C* algebra approach does not account for unbounded operators. 3.- Rigged Hilbert space approach does not include mixed states. I'm not sure about path integral formulation... so...
  9. J

    Need Conceptual Framework for Reaction vs. Net Force

    I find the common physics problem of accelerating boxes that are touching very confusing. (To be clear, boxes are on surface, force comes from one side and all boxes accelerate. Questions typically ask about magnitude of force between particular boxes). Once the boxes are accelerating, why is...
  10. A

    Is space an entity, a relationship or a concetual framework?

    Hi, the first paragraph in the Wikipedia entry to space contains a sentence saying there is disagreement between PHILOSOPHERS whether space is an entity, a relationship or a conceptual Framework. I am interested in what PHYSICISTS think about this. My personal view is that it is an entity as...
  11. J

    .Net Framework 3.5 on Windows 10 unable to load

    Hi, A few days ago, my Windows 10 went through a long auto update and now when I run Windows Live mail, I cannot send an e-mail and I receive a message: An app on your PC needs the following Windows feature: .Net Framework 3.5 and then it instructs me to load it. But when I attempt to load...
  12. Superposed_Cat

    Does the Encog framework add extra neurons automaticly?

    I recently started using Encog and used BasicNetwork network = new BasicNetwork(); network.AddLayer(new BasicLayer(new ActivationSigmoid(), true, 1)); network.AddLayer(new BasicLayer(new ActivationSigmoid(), true, 2)); network.AddLayer(new BasicLayer(new ActivationSigmoid(), true, r.Length))...
  13. Topolfractal

    Background independent framework

    What are the basics of non commutative geometry and where is a good place to learn more about it?
  14. B

    Cantilever Framework Practice Exam Confusion

    Little bit stuck with this practice question for my exams, how do they suppose I work out the length of the individual beams or height of the framework without an initial length? Is there a secret way I've never heard of? Any help would be appreciated, it's foundation degree level but probably...
  15. Tim Allen

    Help with designing horizontal framework for UDL

    Hi, For my engineering project for college I am designing a rotating table/steel frame structure for supporting a mild steel panel which weighs 180kg. My previous experience with UDL's has only been in using a 2D beam like situation to calculate how the load is spread, bending of the beam and...
  16. V

    Papers on Entropy in Quantum Mechanics Framework

    Hey, I am going to write my bachelor's thesis on Entropy in a Quantum Mechanical Framework. My professor told me he would refer me to some literature. However it will take him some time. I would like to get started myself. Could you please refer me to papers, books, articles? I have already read...
  17. 22990atinesh

    What is the meaning of term "Framework" in Programming Environment ?

    Hello, What is the meaning of term "Framework" (Programming Environment). I've usually keep hearing this term, But didn't understand the meaning. Suppose we we say .NET Framework, then what actually does it refers.
  18. H

    Energy dependence on observer framework

    Does mechanical energy of a system depend on the framework of an observer (neglecting a constant)?
  19. Q

    Determining the forces in a framework

    The framework is attached below. I've tried going to each joint and resolving the forces vertically and horizontally. I've got to joint B and I'm stuck, because I have three unknown members there. And its the same if I go to joint J. what do I do?
  20. M

    What are the reactions and forces in a pin-jointed framework?

    ƩFx = 0 ƩFy = 0 ƩMoments about a point = 0 Ay + By - 2KN = 0 Momments about A = -(2KN * 2.4) + 1*ReactionC = 0 -4.8KN = reactionC Sub into first eq Ay +(-4.8) -2 = 0 Ay = 6.8 To find out the reaction in member AB...
  21. L

    QST: Intuitive framework for QG?

    Hey wondering if any of you guys with interest in QG have come across Thad Roberts Quantum Space Theory(QST)? I am just a layman but it seems to have some use as an intuitive reference when dealing with readings of other papers on QG. It has some degree of formalism attached I believe in...
  22. F

    Trussed Framework Coursework, Static Analysis, ECCENTRIC CONNECTIONS

    Homework Statement The attached pdf shows the whole problem. I have a deadline of Wednesday for this and am absolutely stuck! Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I have figured out parts a, b, and d. I was wondering whether anyone can help or point me in the right...
  23. J

    Is my solution for deflection in framework correct?

    Hi there, The first thing I wanted to say (as I said the last time I created a new thread) is that this is NOT A HOMEWORK QUESTION! From the rules laid out, it says that homework for undergraduates and college students should go in the homework section. I have a degree in Mechanical...
  24. W

    Simple framework, maximum force and stress.

    Homework Statement A simple framework by two rods linked in A, B and C. Burdened by a force F. The rods is of square cross section 30x30 mm and made by steel 1550-01 -> E = 210 GPa. [PLAIN]http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/125/ram001.jpg Determinate maximum force F and the stress in...
  25. H

    Is the Neo-Lorentzian Framework Gaining Acceptance in Modern Physics?

    I have been talking to a few philosophers recently who are big into metaphysics abd they have mentioned a "neo-Lorentzian" version of physics which deals with an absolute reference frame. Now thy say that they can't verify such an absolute frame exists from experiments (which makes alarm bells...
  26. marcus

    Can Horava gravity be formulated in LQG framework?

    My impression was that much of the 2009 interest in Horava gravity had waned. A number of problems with it were brought out at the Perimeter Institute conference on it that was held in November 2009. Ted Jacobson did the final summary session of the conference and gave an informative wrap-up...
  27. marcus

    Krasnov framework for asymptotic safety in QG (Perimeter video)

    http://pirsa.org/10050002/ Deformations of General Relativity Kirill Krasnov 2010-05-05 "I will describe a very special (infinite-parameter) family of gravity theories that all describe, exactly like General Relativity, just two propagating degrees of freedom. The theories are obtained by...
  28. Y

    Differential geometry reconstructed: a unified systematic framework

    The first few sections of this book gave me a good sense of the solid foundation that the author is building in this book. While it may be review for many, this guy writes so well, it's a pleasure to read...
  29. B

    Evaluating Volume of a Sphere in Cartesian Framework

    I'm trying to sharpen up my maths before I go back to university to start my PhD and am working through Roel Snieder's excellent book 'A Guided Tour of Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences'. The problem I am working on is how to evaluate the volume of a sphere in Cartesian...
  30. N

    TDS Calibration & RO Design Framework

    Having bought a TDS meter off-the-shelf from a store, I came across this notice: http://www.reagecon.com/PerspectiveCMS/uploads/TDS_Tech_Tip.pdf Now though I am going to use the TDS meter for water testing purposes(ground water hardness,hence potability,subsequently use the measurements...
  31. M

    Mechanical Engineering - Pin joint Framework problem

    Homework Statement A framework of pin jointed members has to be designed to support a plug introduced into the reservoir wall to prevent leakage and further progression of a crack along the wall. The plug is cylindrical, has a diameter of 0.35 m and is supported by a single pin joint. The...
  32. N

    Dynamics of a Framework of Springs

    Hey guys, I've nearly finished a little project I've been working on over the last few days. Take a look at these simulations: 1 Joint Springs 2 Joint Springs In both simulations you begin with an initial joint, press and hold to create new joints. You can also drag joints and, by pressing 1...
  33. O

    Mechanics Test: Calculating Forces in a Mechanical Framework

    Hi all, I'm doing some last minute revision for a mechanics test, and I'm going through a practice paper. I'm stuck on one question about mechanical frameworks. Here is a picture of the framework: (It seems I can't display the image directly in my post on this forum) The problem is to...
  34. T

    Inflationary framework of the universe

    Alright everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on here but I've come to realize it's really helpful so I've started visiting again! Anyways, I have a little confusion about the inflationary framework of the universe. So... I've been reading this book called The Fabric of the Cosmos by...
  35. C

    Aluminium Framework Bed Design: Load Support Tips

    aluminium framework... I am designing an aluminium frame bed. I have desided to use aluminium extrusion either square or rectangular shape to form the main 4 bars at the base supported by 4 legs. I will use panels of plywood at the centre holding the mattress. My question is...suppose the...
  36. D

    Designing Al Frame to Support Load: Forces in Framework?

    i've to design a 3 or 5 bar statically determinate frame, out of Al, so that it'll support a certain load. now I thought it would be a veritable piece of cake to figure out the forces in the individual members, but so far I've tried everything under the sun, and my answers from resolving at...
  37. S

    Must SEM = Theoretical Framework?

    Based on theories, I constructed a theoretical framework. After I collected data from respondents, the data seems not fit accurately with my initial theoretical framework. I want run analysis on the data and certainly, the Model of data (i'm using Structural Equation Modeling) is different...
  38. O

    Recommend a good web-application framework for PHP

    Hi there, I need a good PHP frame work. I googled it and find houndreds of them. I'm confused. I don't know which one to choose. But finally I arrived in a selection of three: 1. WACT. 2. Symfony. 3. Prado. Is there anybody who has tried all of the 3 frameworks? Please let me know. I just...
  39. cepheid

    Ethics as a framework for society?

    Since beginning my university studies in the area of Engineering Physics, I have heard many descriptions of mathematics. Slowly, a picture has developed in my mind of mathematics as a logic based, internally self-consistent framework...a solid foundation upon which the echelons of the natural...
  40. C

    The framework to the theory of everything

    Mass evaporated creating space, time, and sychronization. Plasma, condensation and evaporation three formes of gravitation explain the hidden relationship of quantum theory and reletivity. Anyone interested? send inquiry to Gravitation@cfl.rr.com and I'll send you the whole paper. "The Framework...
  41. O

    General Information Framework

    General Information Framework (GIF) set theory Set (which notated by "{" and "}") is an object that used as General Information Framework. Set's property depends on its information's type. There are 2 basic types of information that can be examined through GIF. 1.a) Empty set ={}...
  42. M

    Do you know quantum conceptual framework?

    Why one past? Quantum theory is very successful in describing bits of matter as clouds (probability distributions). Ironically, it is the proximity of one cloud to another that constrains the shape and size of each cloud. These constraints pile one upon another, ultimately constraining...
  43. marcus

    One half of LQG's proposed math framework topic

    LQG posted a header for discussion of quantum gravity math framework. I want to restart that with a narrower focus so as not to foster contention between theories but rather to discuss only the mathematical underpinnings of what is known as Loop Quantum Gravity---also as "quantum geometry" and...
  44. MathematicalPhysicist

    Mathematica Mathematical framework of lqg against string theory?

    what the differences in the mathematical framework in the two theories? i know i heard that the maths of string theory is of 21th century (which is now).