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Help with education decisions (I'm 13)

  1. Sep 3, 2012 #1
    As the title of the thread says, I'm 13 years old with a massive interest in physics. I'm quite good at maths (I go to a private school with a scholarship *get at me*). Things like neutrinos, particles, quarks and theories really interest me so I'd really like to study them further. I know it'll be hard but I'm sure with some determination I'd be able to pull through. My question is this. What sort of paths in life does studying physics open up? Please reply as I'd love to hear some proper advice :)
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    It opens up your mind, for one. I'm aware of how incredibly cheesy that sounds, but physics is considered by many to be the most difficult major there is. If you think that the only gain from studying physics is merely just understanding formulas and a thorough grasp of the physical world, think again; studying physics will make you an all around more intelligent person, I gurantee it. In terms of employment and jobs, despite what many pessimists will tell you, physics is promising. As of right now (although I'm not sure how the job market will change in eight years), physics has the seventeenth lowest unemployment rate and the sixth highest median salary.
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