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Help with everything

  1. Dec 15, 2008 #1
    im 17
    I finished my GCSEs at school over a year ago.
    I got 4 GCSEs with a C and the rest were lower.
    In science (this was all three sciences in one) i only got a double C, this was because of my chemistry and biology results. i didnt particually enjoy these areas, but in physics i was completley interested and i enjoyed working in all the areas of physics.
    Because of these low GCSEs i coudnt take science for A levels.
    I took a 5 month computer course and gotten several Microsoft qualifications and an NVQ level 3 in comms technologies.
    That finished and i have been working part time for a few months.
    in my spare time i have been reading books that are physics'y. (Astro and Optics mostly)

    so i there annyway i can get back into physics?

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    I'm assuming you need "A level" courses to be accepted into a university program. If you're out of high school your best option is to pick up the ones that are necessary through a "university prep" program offered by a local community college.

    But read the admissions policies carefully - as you may just qualify to get in with what you already have.
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