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Help with mini fluorescent lights

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    I'm trying to build a lighting system that's very small and have been experimenting with designs.

    I bought these things at the local Electronics Surplus, and I think, if I can get them to work, they'll do exactly what I need. Unfortunately, they couldn't provide any information about them at the store.


    Does anyone
    1] recognize these little fluorescent tubes?
    2] know what DC voltage/amperage would probably light them?
    3] know how to hook the 4 wires up?
    4] know what ballast might be needed?

    (see attached)

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    No help from me, I'm afraid. I've seen very small bulbs before, but they always had the traditional 2-pins-per-end contacts. While I assume that those wires are the equivalent, I wouldn't try hooking them up that way without solid data.
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    Do the two wires on one end show a low resistance between them?

    Does the other end also show low resistance?
    Or does it show open?
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    Well, they only cost $1.50 so I'm good to 'speriment with them. That's why I got them. But if I try it without ANY prior edumacated knowledge, I'll just blow em up.
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    I um, guess I could find out. This meter I've got might tell me something.
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    Might be cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) often used in laptops.
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