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Homework Help: Hertz experiement

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    I am from Portugal and from the school books I could not understand in all his dimension Hertz experiment in which he produced radio waves in laboratory. If you could refer some sites (I have searched a lot) it will be good but even better if you could send me some pages scanned from books concerning this topic.

    Thank you.
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    http://www.acmi.net.au/AIC/HERTZ_BIO.html [Broken]

    http://www.webstationone.com/fecha/hertz.htm [Broken]

    http://chem.ch.huji.ac.il/~eugeniik/history/hertz.htm [Broken] - schematic of experimental apparatus (about half-way down page)


    http://people.deas.harvard.edu/~jones/cscie129/nu_lectures/lecture6/hertz/Hertz_exp.html [Broken] - Heinrich Hertz's Wireless Experiment (1887)

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    Thank you Astronuc. I already visited some, but others not. I just do not understand what are those big spheres for. Could you explain?
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    I believe the metal (conducting) spheres were used to store significant amounts of charge. The spherical surface is ideal because is avoids any sharp corners where there would be strong local gradients in the electric field. The principal has been used in Van de Graaff generators to store large charges which provide for large potential differences.
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    Thank you for the explication.
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