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Hewlett Packard 40g programming(ARPL)

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    I have purchased a Hp40g calculator and I am familiar with CAS and son on and all the basic functions, yet I don't know how to programm my calculator. I read that the programming lanuage ARPL is similar to FORTH( if it helps). So what I am asking is: are there any recommendable sources on studying ARPL?

    thanks in advance
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    I couldn't even find any links to ARPL, so it doesn't seem to be described in any detail that I could find. What about programming your calculator in RPL? I found lots of resources, including tutorials on RPL.
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    I know of RPL, yet I can't programm it. Yes it does work with the calculators of, I think, 20-50 or 30-50(that is of the HP graphic calculator series). Maybe I shall try and do it in RPL. Do you have any book recommendations?
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    No, the Hp 40G is not externally an RPL programmable calculator. It uses applets and BASIC. It is based upon the Hp 38G and is exactly the same as an Hp 39G but with CAS, so that you can download the manual Mastering your Hp 39G to learn more about using it. There is an Australian website devoted to the Hp 38G, Hp 39G and Hp 40G calculator where you can learn all of the details of using and programming this calculator.
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