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Hi all a newbies here.

  1. Jun 18, 2007 #1
    hi all and good day...

    i'm luzirahs, 28y/o guy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    i found out that this forum is so informative and the discussions are good.
    i feel like wanna share my humble knowledge here and also learn from u guys.

    so, i registered here and here i'm.
    hope i'm accepted here and cheers to all.

    btw, i'm a Bachelor Degree holder in Mechanical majoring in Aeronautical.
    currently working as an Aeronautical Engineer.
    since i'm with my current employer, i learned about helicopter, simulator, Kalman Filter, Inertial Navigation System to name a few.

    perhaps, this is the right place for me to share my knowledge and learn from ppl around the world.

    cheers and have a nice day to all.

    * to Moderators, sorry coz i donno suitable place to introduce myself. it is ok for me if u guys have to delete this thread...thanx :smile:
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    Hello there luzirahs, welcome to the forums. I am sure you'll find a lot to learn and share, so enjoy yourself.
    BTW for casual discussions like these, you should post in the General Discussion subforum.

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    I'm also new here, I don't have aeronautical degree(though I wish I could) but took mechanical and manufacturing engineering courses.

    I'm currently using X-Plane 8.60 to test my concept designs of all planforms I could think off, then after I'm able to make it fly in x-plane, I build a cardboard model glider to test if the model will really fly. 100% of the time it did :)

    If anyone is familiar with x-plane here, my expertise is designing military aircraft (air-superiority, attack, strike, fighter-bomber) based on 'customer' specifications. My goals have always been combat effectiveness, simplicity, and efficiency. I'm also trying to move to other designs like jetliners and small personal craft

    I think this forum is going to be helpful, as I'm actually basing all my designs on real world research materials
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    Wow, gaming_addict, your job sure sounds exciting. If you don't mind me asking, whats a typical day for you like?
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    All my 'aviation' activities are pure hobbies only. My real job is software engineer.. Never practiced my profession because of low salary. My typical day is a sad one, I never liked my job and the people I worked with, but I was surprised on how I wouldn't sleep for days just to rush an aircraft entry for a design competition - considering that's just a hobby =)

    Anyway, I'll also try to share what I know.
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    Your job seems like quite a handful for someone with a software engineering degree. How did you managed to get hired in the aviation industry? Is it those extra [mechanical and manufacturing engineering courses] courses you took?
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    No! I'm not working in aviation industry though I wish I did!:rofl: Yeah, my mechanical background does help sometimes in my hobby in keeping my designs as realistic as possible. And ironically, manufacturing too, so could keep my designs as simple, and low cost as possible :smile:

    But yeah, if you had both courses, it might help you in designing an aircraft as you could see different point of views, one of course is the user(pilot) and specs, the structural engineer, and the manufacturing/maintenance aspect of the design
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    hi all,
    thanx for da warm welcome.
    happy and glad to hear from u guys.

    i know what u do with X-Plane software...it's simulation, aite?

    when designing an aircraft (not only a/c, any vehicle will do), we normally put the design in a simulation....to get it fly in virtual environment and see the behaviour, response and so on.

    i used to do that also, but using MS Flight Simulator, where u can create a new a/c and alter the parameters and fly it.

    well, i wish i could learn and master the programming language such as C++, so that i can implement my idea which currently its only ended up on papers and Matlab pages...hehehe.

    if i got that, i wish i could continue to implement my study on Inertial Navigation System using Kalman Filter, at least for ground vehicle first.

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    Welcome to PF!

    We'll start the fish slapping welcome ceremony as soon as the hornets stop swarming Ivan's office where we're storing the fish. :biggrin:
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    what did you guys do in aeronautics? im really thinking about taking that course down at sydney uni next year. that or architecture
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