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Hi everyone! I have a biology question.

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    So, if it is okay, would you mind answering this question?

    There has been much scientific study on the evolution of humans. Although all humans universialtlly want to be accepted, I've come to realize that this "god" that Christians are talking about is perfect. People want to be accepted, so it is only human nature to WANT to believe such.

    I also believe, that the WILL power of the human spirit, can do amazing things.

    Please note I am not trying to make this into a religious topic. I'm just saying - I agree, there are certain aspects of evolution that we still have (goosebumps, for example, which serve no use now, correct me if I'm wrong please...) from evolution.

    Ok, anyway, heres my question:

    Why are we the humans beyond any other species intelligenctly? I heard that we are the only humans (Besides ants a few others...there is a CNN article on ants learning how to learn...no pun intended) that can learn, therefore, we advance in technology.

    For example, some animals may learn a new trick to get prey, but then once they die, its over worth. It never gets passed on.

    So my questoin is to you, why are humans so ahead of the rest of the spicies? Why aren't there other humans, per se?

    Sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous question. I just hope to understand since there are so many species, why are we so much more more intelligenctual in favor of evolution?

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    I'm in complete agreement of your questions, but I must ask- are you looking for a fight?
    Anyway, perhaps humans can communicate more specifically, and with more meaning than any other species on earth (and I say on earth because I'm positive there are beings from other planets out there). So therefore, what I'm saying to you now might not even be able to be communicated between other animals, such as dogs.

    As for- why arent there other "humans" per se, I've been wondering just such a question myself. If we evolved from apes, or near apes, how come there are apes today, and not near humans with similar intelligence levels?

    As for goose-bumps- there is still a reason for them, though they are less effective than they once were. The raise the hair on arms, legs, and elsewhere in an effort to retain heat when it is cold outside, however the effect has been greatly lessend due to the fact that humans (most) are no longer covered in sheets of hair. They also raise the body temperature due to the contractions of the skin and muscles. Also, when the hair is standing up (when one is afraid) it tends to make the individual look bigger (or did) to scare off predators.
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