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Hi.I'm finishing my first year of Undergraduate CS with relative

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    I'm finishing my first year of Undergraduate CS with relative ease. We have the opportunity to take 30 credits worth of classes in another field of study (minor). I'm thinking of taking either an Applied Math or a Physics minor. For Math I was thinking about taking classes in abstract real analysis and applied analysis and for Physics I was thinking about optics.
    I would like to go into Bioinformatics, Scientific Computing or Theoretical CS after my Bachelors. What kind of minor will help me the most and will be the most fun?

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    Re: Minor_for_CS

    If you're planning on CS grad school, knowing more math would probably be quite helpful. I know my school's CS department recommends a solid background in linear algebra and discrete math (namely combinatorics and graph theory) to grad school hopefuls.
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    Re: Minor_for_CS

    Right. My CS program already has a lot of overlap with Applied Mathematics in the Discrete Math. I already have to take Discrete Math I&II, Lin Alg, Algebra, Calc I&II, Probability. I'm thinking of studying Graph Theory on my own. My question is, would real analysis (Analysis I&II, Lin Analysis, Complex Function Theory) help me for Scientific Computing/Theoretical CS? The theoretical CS group focuses on Natural Computing, so I thought, maybe a Physics minor would also be an option.
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