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Hi I'm jonathon and i want to be a mechanical engineer

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    hi i'm Jonathon and i would love to get some support from someone who has a mechanical engineer degree. i'm a junior in high school recently i have pinpointed down what i think i what to be career wise and a mechanical engineer is something that i would love to do. i'm a hands on person that's how i learn best. i am really really bad at math and i would love to get some feed back on the kind of math that i am going to be learning as a mechanical engineer i have a desire for taking things apart and trying to put them back together i'm the kind of kid that if something brakes i try and fix it. is this the degree that sounds best for me.
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    Welcome to PF, Jonathon. :smile:
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    Hi Jonathan,

    No questions or discussions are allowed in this section, this is Introductions Only. Please post your question in the proper forum, i would suggest either Academic or Career guidance depending on whether you want to know what courses to take or just information about the job.
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