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Hi, just some questions.

  1. May 6, 2007 #1
    Hello there,

    Not too long ago, i have become very interested in physics, i think it was the end of year nine and im just through half way of year 10. Our Physics unit is over now and i managed to get an (A) through an average of two quizzes(15% each) and a leveling assessment(70%). i got 70% overall, which was 1st in the class but only because i tried very hard.

    Im not quite sure if im bright enough to try to become a physicist, how did you know if you could succeed in physics?

    I have to pick my second semester year 10 sciences soon and i really want to do physics, basic maths, and calculus.

    They are quite tough and not sure what my chances are of achieving in them.

    I was also wondering if there are any good information sources that anyone my happen to reccomend for getting a basic understanding on some physics (EG: newtonian mechanics, quantum, optics, relitivity)

    i already hyave a basic understanding in nuclear, newtons laws, and optics. I would just really like to get a grasp on things before i go into second semester physcis and year 11 physcis.

    sorry, one more thing out of this list what would help my skills in physcis and maths, they are subjects on offer to study in year 11:

    calculus- strong like
    applicable maths-strong like
    human biology-average
    physics-strong like
    ancient history.

    would there happen to be any advice on what to study?

    really sorry for such a long post.

    thankyou in advance, any guides or information for people new to physics.

    thanks :)
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  3. May 6, 2007 #2
    stop with the grades
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