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Hi nice to be in a Universe I understand

  1. Aug 23, 2011 #1
    I am a nerd, youngish, not old, studying teh Physics.

    My name is Vulcan.

    Says it all.

    Posted a little to see if this forum was for me; seems so so far. :smile:
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    Welcome Galron!! I'm sure you'll enjoy things here!! :smile:

    I'm just curious to whether you might have a favorite fish???

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    Hey Galron! Welcome to PF.

    What kind of fish do they like on Vulcan? :wink:
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    That's an easy answer.

    But you know what the Answer is Douglas Adams. :tongue:

    The question too. :wink:

    The meaning of lif...

    The only thing I ask is...

    "Has anyone noticed that building there before?"

    "And people are not wearing enough hats? Why?"
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    It's a tough galaxy. You want to survive out here, you really gotta know where your towel is.
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    Welcome :biggrin:
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    Welcome Galron! I think you'll like it here :smile:.
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