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Hi therei need to know when capacitor is used in A.C CIRCUIT

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    Hi there
    i need to know when capacitor is used in A.C CIRCUIT ( not for the D.C CIRCUIT) ,if we have incoming current frequency is 60 Hz ,so does it means that for one second a capacitor charge 60 times and discharge 60 times in a second or
    it charges only once and discharge when it is required.

    every body is highly appreciated who can reply.
    with thanks
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    Re: Capacitor

    The capacitor voltage changes polarity 120 times a second. Use only ac-rated bipolar capacitors.
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    Re: Capacitor

    You could use regular capacitors, but only if you want expensive, carcinogenic smoke releasing, and not-so-impressive firecrackers. Also, I don't know if there's a simple and cheap way to keep them from firing all simultaneously.

    Plus there's probably going to be plastic or metal shrapnel flying about.
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