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I Higgs Boson, Electrons and Spin

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    I have two questions... I'm sorry for my bad English.

    - Is it correct to think of the Higgs Boson as a quantization of the Higgs Field, as the photon is the quanta of Electromagnetic Field?

    - The property we call spin appears when we analyze electrons interacting with a magnetic field. But chargeless particles does not interact with EM field at all. So why do physicists give them spin values? Based on what? And why those particular values... e.g. for the electron, it can be measured the value to be 1/2 of h, what about the other particles?
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    The Higgs boson is indeed the quantum excitation of the Higgs field.

    Spin has to do with angular momentum not necessarily with electromagnetic interactions. However, also electrically neutral particles can have a magnetic moment (e.g., like the neutron).
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    Thanks. Can you give me a exemple of how to determine the spin of a neutral particle?
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