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I High frequency behaviour of copper

  1. Mar 24, 2016 #1
    Will copper behave as a dielectric in high frequencies???.....I tried to answer the question with loss tangent but relative permittivity of copper posed a problem....everyone on internet opines differently about relative permittivity of metals......then I looked at skin depth which decreases with frequency.....but with appreciable high frequency also....skin depth is not zero....please through some light !!
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    what is your definition of high frequencies ?
    copper still works well at least to 100 GHz

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    @Khashishi wikipedia link does not mention that it works as dielectric........@davenn i am talking about highest frequency used for communication purposes
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    tho there is stuff above 40 GHz .... 38GHz is pretty common for microwave links between cell towers etc

    there's no problems using copper PCB tracks at these frequencies, waveguide is always used to get the signal to and from the antennas

    most commercial stuff above 40 GHz is vehicular crash avoidance radar etc
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    thanks...and would you please say something about relative permittivity of metals ? .....or at least tell me some reliable sources to read.
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