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High load low-speed bearing

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    I'm looking for a (needle?) bearing that can sustain shock loads of up to 2.5e5 N, at low angular velocity, but its outer diameter cant be greater than 30mm.

    as ridiculous as it sounds, any suggestions?
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    I would suggest something like a thin walled solid brass bushing with a steel shaft.

    I assume your predicted shock loads are perpendicular to the axis of rotation.
    A needle bearing might work OK at higher speeds but without many such big shocks.
    The size of the shaft will be critical as it determines the contact area, shaft bending and strength. Use the biggest shaft OD possible.

    “Low angular velocity” is a bit vague. What is the maximum RPM under load?
    What lubrication is available?
    How often does it receive a shock of that magnitude?
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