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High Voltage Pulsating DC supply

  1. Jun 19, 2011 #1
    My introduction to Electrical Engineering is Like one hundredth of a starter
    But I am here to have some Help

    I want to Design a Pulsating DC power supply of 1K or more with micro or Nano Time constant

    I will highly Appreciate any kind of help and Guidance and also want to ask is there any software on which v can design and check our project before practically implementing it

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    What do you mean by pulsating DC power?

    Do you mean the output of the power supply switches between 1 kV and ground?
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    yes and sorry if m too childish
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    You might want to look at a push-pull circuit and high-side and low-side gate driver chips. I'm not sure if any drivers get up to 1kV but I know of some that get you half way there at least. These are gate drivers for controlling a push-pull circuit that can get you to generate the pulses from a 1kV source.

    At 1kV you might want to use MOSFETs or IGBTs for this, depending on the frequency of your pulse and how much current you are supplying. MOSFETs are generally better at high switching frequencies for the small time constants you mention, but IGBTs are improving so, again, depends on the combination of frequency and current supplied.

    Here is some more reading that might give you an idea:
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