What is High voltage: Definition and 162 Discussions

High voltage electricity refers to electrical potential large enough to cause injury or damage. In certain industries, high voltage refers to voltage above a certain threshold. Equipment and conductors that carry high voltage warrant special safety requirements and procedures.
High voltage is used in electrical power distribution, in cathode ray tubes, to generate X-rays and particle beams, to produce electrical arcs, for ignition, in photomultiplier tubes, and in high-power amplifier vacuum tubes, as well as other industrial, military and scientific applications.

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  1. G

    High voltage transformer windings position

    Good morning all! I have a quick question regarding high voltage transformers, can someone explain why we need to put the low voltage winding the closest to the core and the high voltage winding on the "outside"? Have a nice day!
  2. B

    How to create an Electric Field?

    Dear friends, First of all I have one question! As per Figure 1, how to implement electrical connection in real life which are seen inside Red Box? and what is the meaning of grounding the other terminal? Figure 1 And the second thing is that, I want to create and electric field on copper...
  3. gregory112

    Troubleshooting a homemade Van de Graaff machine

    I'm trying to build a Van de Graaff generator, but it does not generate any charges. The problem is, I don't know which part is accidentally shorted, or grounded. I use both PVC pipes for the top and bottom rollers. The belt is neoprene rubber, 1mm thick. The rollers are bolted on aluminum...
  4. J

    PCB Layout questions for my High Voltage circuit

    I am looking at using a few 2 kV film box capacitors in series and I'm trying to make the board as compact as reliably possible. Let's say that I have two equal valued series capacitors rated for 2 kV each in series across a 4 kV power supply. Each capacitor will then have a voltage at 2 kV...
  5. M

    Noninverting op amp doesn't work on a highly resistive load

    Hi, I am using an Apex PA443DF operational amplifier to drive a sinusoidal signal at 100 V amplitude across a very large resistor with resistance of about 5000 Mega ohms. The amplifiers are set up as noninverting with a gain of 22 and function very well for small resistive loads. The sinusoids...
  6. jerromyjon

    High voltage coil discharge polarity for vehicle spark plugs

    I've recently had a discussion with fellow technicians in the automotive industry about spark plugs and some systems having "opposite polarity" on the ignition coils. (specifically the secondary coil which sends the high voltage pulse to the plug which sparks the fuel) Common sense tells me...
  7. E

    I want to use high voltage (about 3kV)

    Hi, I want to make a electron gun, and I have to use high voltage(about 3kV or more). But I think I can't use general electric wire. So I want to know what kind of electric wire should i use to use the high voltage??
  8. N

    Electrical Where Can I Find a High Voltage DC 30kv - 40kv Generator for My Experiment?

    Hi all Trying to carry out an experiment and need a high voltage supply Looking for say upto 40kv dc adjustable generator been looking on the net and only able to find low cost voltage boosters on eBay Or if anyone know of a good website to try Any help would be much apreciated Thanks...Niki
  9. M

    What should I consider when searching for a high voltage power supply?

    I'm looking for a high voltage power supply. I have no experience with such a power supply, nor with all the terms or specifications used for such tools, so I'm looking for general suggestions to what to look for. I want to generate an electric field or potential field between two points a few...
  10. hagopbul

    Asking about the Vcc of some integrated circuits

    Hello: I have to ask some question , did anyone know any integrated circuits that have voltage Vcc of few kilo volts what was the catagoeries of that circuits ? And do they different from high current integrated circuits ? Where to read about it ? Best hope
  11. G

    Let current from a Van de Graff generator flow through you

    Hi. I have two questions about the following video with a 200'000 V Van de Graaff generator: At 5:57 he touches ground, apparently feeling nothing. He explains this with a very low current and proceeds that the current from a 120 V outlet is high and might kill you. But with ##I=U/R## and...
  12. T

    Small & Lightweight High Voltage Power Sources: Ideas?

    << Mentor Note -- thread moved to the Sci-Fi writing forum after starting in the technical forums >> Hey folks, I'm interested in the feasibility of providing high DC voltages (~kV) in a physically small and low mass package (~grams). The power source does not actually need to be very energy...
  13. C

    Heating Effect of Electric Current-Transmit at High Voltage

    Homework Statement Why is it inefficient to use low voltage when transmitting electricity? Homework Equations P∝i2 P=Vi H=Vit P=Ri2 E/ti2=V/i These are all basically the same few formulas, but I wrote down all iterations of them. Anything from Joule's Law/Joule Heating The Attempt at a...
  14. F

    Why does the high voltage side of transformers tend to burn out first?

    In residential split-system air-conditioners and heat pumps, there are transformers inside both the condenser and the air-handler that step the voltage down from 220/230/240 volts to 24 volts. Someone once told me that in residential air-conditioners/heat pumps, the high voltage side of a...
  15. patric44

    I Is this just a normal fluorescence of glass molecules?

    hi guys i recently had built a HV power supply out of an old Flyback transformer i had laying around , i think it produces about 10KV ~ 15KV not very sure but it could arc at about ( 6mm in air ) , and as you can see i tried to connect it to a 15W smal light bulb ( the positive terminal...
  16. C

    Monitor restarts when I make an electric arc

    Why does my laptop's screen refresh every time I bring a metal object (any size) to my electric lighter? -Happens when I am 1 foot away from the laptop -1 foot away from the external monitor's wires (HDMI & power) 1. Video footage (MUST WATCH) NOTE: the laptop screen also flickers a bit NOTE...
  17. astroscout

    High Voltage Discharges or Explosions from Powerlines -- why these colors?

    Hi...Here is a GIF of some electrical explosions that I recorded with my full spectrum camera. These power lines supply power to a neighboring county so it didn't affect my area. In the upper atmosphere we see something similar in Transient Luminous Events (TLEs). In the case of the blue in Blue...
  18. D

    High voltage circuit with voltmeter in between

    Homework Statement You have a voltmeter with an internal resistance of 10 MΩ. You would like to measure a very large voltage source, but you notice that this overwhelms your voltmeter, and you begin to get inaccurate results if the voltage is too high. You design the circuit shown above as a...
  19. J

    Measuring 800V AC signal with 16-bit DAQ card within 1% accuracy

    I'm trying to measure high voltages with a DAQ card. Obviously I'm going to have to attenuate the voltage, but I need to make sure that I can measure accurately (within 1%) The code width of the DAQ is Vcw = 20Vpp/2^16 = 305.176uV For this code width to be within 1%, the minimum voltage I...
  20. Dave Johnson

    Current Flowing through High Voltage AC Transmission Lines

    Homework Statement Q1: A power plant produces energy at a voltage of Vi = 18667 V. Before being sent along long distance power lines this electricity is sent through a transformer with 143 turns in the primary coil and 8971 turns in the secondary coil. Voltage is calculated to be...
  21. C

    I Stream inside paraffin oil when exposed to high volage

    Here is the experience: I put two electrodes inside paraffin oil (separated by at least 3cm), and submitted the electrodes to high voltage. At 20000 V - 30000 V, strong streams can be observed inside the paraffin oil. Since paraffin oil is a good dielectric, I just would like to understand the...
  22. J

    LC Reactive elements cancel cause huge V drop. High voltage

    Hello all, I am a senior electrical engineering student at Purdue University and I am working on my senior capstone project. One of the aspects of my project is to measure voltage and current waveforms as well as the relative phase shift between them. I need to get these waveforms into a data...
  23. G

    Would high voltage DC power grids work the same?

    Hi. As far as I know, the main reason for using AC in electric power transmission is that voltage can easily be transformed. If there was a similarly easy way for transforming DC, would power grids work basically the same? To be more specific, how much does AC power transmission rely on the...
  24. Abdul Wali

    Understanding Key Parameters in Transformer Oil Testing

    Hi, when it comes to Transformer Oil testing, there are some parameters that we need to consider but i don't understand their definitions and i can't find their explanations online, so may someone please define these terms for me that what these terms actually mean? the terms are as follows...
  25. Eric Willems

    Effects of high voltage & current on a large volume of water

    Hi, For a book that I’m writing, i need to know how to describe the following, if the situation described is ever possible, otherwise I'll have to come up with another scenario. A surge of high voltage electricity at a gas-insulated switchgear creates a flashover whose Breaker Current Failure...
  26. J

    Faraday Cage and a high voltage discharge arc

    In the following video: I understand how the Faraday Cage works, but what has me confused is the arching. If charge is building up on the sphere and then arching over to the cage, where then is that charge sunk to? You would think it would stop arching when there was sufficient charge on the...
  27. B

    High Voltage LED Solution for 4.2A Circuit

    I have a circuit and it has a cap that has around 680V and the high current that is pull it 4.22A. I need to add an LED to let me know when the Cap is drain. The problem I am having is that since the voltage and current are so high, I can't use a Hall effect sensor . I can't find one rated for...
  28. C

    Soldering High Voltage Capacitors

    Hi guys! I am fairly new to the forums so thank you for having me here :) I just wanted to ask some of you guys here who have a better knowledge about high voltage capacitors than me. I am creating a lightning impulse voltage generator as my final year project and have been provided with most...
  29. J

    High Voltage in a Cloud Chamber?

    Hello all! Firstly, thanks for reading this post! I am a high school student attempting to make a basic, dry ice cloud chamber. I have made several cloud chamber designs and I am about to start making it. However, before constructing the product I would appreciate some members to provide...
  30. I

    Generating High Voltage: Safe and Effective Methods for Amateur Use

    Good Afternoon everyone, Question: What are some effective ways to generate a high voltage (Multiple KV) using amateur equipment? I've dealt with high voltage before, so I'm aware of the safety issues. Anyway, here is what I've got thus far: If you go on ebay, and search for high voltage power...
  31. steltzer

    Understanding relationships in Induction Heating circuits

    Hi Everyone, I will try to keep this short as I can and to the point, there is a bit of a back story, so bear with me. For the last 18 months (on and off as life allows), I have been trying to develop an induction heating assisted machine for 2 reasons. 1 - To learn as much as I can by doing...
  32. 1

    Sub $100 Low minimum High Voltage DC probe (3kV minimum)?

    Hi I'm looking for a suitable high voltage prob for my research project. I'm in contact with voltages that can have transient spikes as high as 3.0kV but my DVM only measures up to 1kV and 97% of the time I am under this range. I bought this and it was perfect the only problem is that it has a...
  33. A

    How does high internal resistance make high voltage power supplies safe?

    Homework Statement When the internal resistance is large in comparison to the external resistance, the terminal potential difference falls to a small value. This is used to make high voltage supplies safe for use in a laboratory. Explain how this makes the supply safe. Homework Equations...
  34. K

    How to conduct electricity through water without electrodes?

    More specifically, how to conduct electricity through water without submerging electrodes into water? I can't think of other way except using high voltage to arc across air into water, but this method only work for high voltage. Any ideas? Thanks
  35. B

    High voltage charge & same polarity on two concentric rings

    I have a charged ring with a high voltage potential. As I see it the charges repel from each other and so position themselves around the outside of the ring. I want to push the charge to the inside surface of the ring and so I envisioned a 2nd ring positioned concentrically just outside this...
  36. C

    High voltage voltage controlled linear variable resistor

    I have some high voltage (300v+) analog circuits that I want to control digitally which requires the use of a voltage controlled linear resistor that can withstand high voltages. I don't expect the current levels to be that high. I originally settled on LDR optocouplers but it turns out they...
  37. C

    Can You Help Me Achieve a 5x DC Gain for Opamp Output Voltage?

    Hello, I need an opamp that can output +/- 150v without paying $500 for a high voltage opamp. I need a workaround solution, I'm thinking of a 5x DC gain of the opamp output voltage but I am totally clueless on how to achieve this. Any ideas?
  38. K

    Honeycomb structure of oil due to an electric field

    Hi, I've been working on a problem for some time now and I can't figure out why exactly this happens, and I've been looking for some insight. The phenomenon can be seen in this video. We can see that the oil rearranges itself due to a high-voltage electric field. Thinking about this, my...
  39. L

    Transformers: high voltage, low current AND low resistance?

    From my understanding, transformers allow electricity to travel long distances with minimal energy loss because they initially use a step-up transformer which reduces the current (which reduces the heat loss and hence energy loss). However, I do not understand how a step-up transformer manages...
  40. ernd59

    High voltage capacitor defibrillator

    If defibrillation is not required is there an alternative method to save the enrgy for the next needed defibrillation rather than to discharge the capacitor using a resistor ?
  41. Dare Diamond

    Maximum Voltage To Apply To An Air core Electromagnet

    Hello everyone. I am glad I came across this science oriented Forum site. I actually get there from Google and what I am deeply curious to know about is the amount of Maximum Voltage my 3.5kg Air Core Electromagnet can bear. The Core of the Solenoid is 120mm in height and 13inches in...
  42. L

    Why is the shape of high voltage feedthrough bushings important for insulation?

    Why does high voltage feedthrough have a ceramic insulation. What would happen without that insulation? Why is it shaped like conical like a tree?
  43. C

    Selecting the correct power source for a Cockroft-Walton Multiplier

    Hello. I'm in the process of selecting materials for a voltage multiplier. I need to be able to vary a DC voltage source from 0-6kV, possibly with a regulated current up to 20mA...
  44. Michael George

    Which is better to connect a bulb switch ?

    I was installing a new bulb with a switch in my house. There was two different ways to connect the bulb and the switch as shown in the picture. Which one is better and Why?
  45. Michael George

    A circuit breaker does not work properly?

    I live in Egypt where we use 220V AC / 10 A. When I turn light off at a circuit breaker, all lights turn off but both mains ( hot & neutral ) become hot. When I test them, they both have electricity (live), so I afraid to touch them. I would expect that they both become neutral ... Why does that...
  46. S

    Electrical Can I Use JB Weld to Build DIY High Voltage Vacuum Feedthroughs?

    I want to build high voltage feedthroughs (vacuum) from epoxying pieces of alumina together, and then epoxying alumina strips on the outside to cover the spaces between. Can I use JB weld, as far as things go electrically? People have reported that JB weld is unexpectedly wonderful for vacuum...
  47. P

    Improving Heating Uniformity on AZO Conductive Glass: What Went Wrong?

    Hi! I tried to heat the AZO conductive glass with a current source = 0.5A. However, I found the voltage near the contact points was almost 3 times higher than that on the glass surface (please see the picture for details). It means the heating effect mainly happened near the contact points...
  48. Z

    Will electron create gamma-radiation?

    If we put cathode rod with enormouse voltage in vacuum between strong magnetic fields pointing down parallel to rod end then put electron in it with initial speed equal to speed of light and begin circling around cathode, Will electron make gamma -rays according to synchrotron radiation?
  49. C

    Electrostatic Precipitator to Contain Graphite Powder

    Hi all! This is my first post here and I really hope you guys can help! I am currently in senior design at Purdue Fort Wayne in the MET department. I also own a company called Graphite Customs where we make graphite molds for glass blowers. When machining graphite, the powder is very abrasive...
  50. FuturePhysicist

    Can a Teen Build a Fusion Reactor with a Budget Power Supply?

    Hello, I'm 15 and very interested in physics. I'm building a safe nuclear fusion reactor as a science project. (I know how to safely handle high voltage and radiation) I have a question about the power supply. First off, I know that fusion takes around 40 Kilo-volts and it needs to have a...